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VIDEO: The Fine Print

My friend David Porteous asked if he could follow me during the Portland IndyCar race and put together a short film to showcase his shooting, editing, and production skills for teams that might have a need. His short piece, ‘The Fine Print,’ despite the shoddy central character in the film, which also features original music made by David, is rather remarkable for a one-man production. Hopefully you enjoy it and IndyCar teams take note.

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Marshall Pruett

Marshall Pruett started his career in auto racing as a teen in 1986 and spent 20 years as a mechanic, engineer, and team manager in open-wheel and sports cars. Most of his career took place in the CART and IRL IndyCar series, IMSA, World Challenge, Indy Lights, Formula Atlantic, Pro Mazda, FF2000, and other training series. He transitioned to his current role as a writer and reporter in 2006, and covers domestic and international racing for his clients.