We’re celebrating the milestone of reaching 1000 episodes of The Marshall Pruett Podcast with a series of storytelling features.

More than 40 favorite tales were captured from a wide array of legendary and infamous characters in racing, and they’ve been cut down to size and spread across three special episodes.

The first takes us from the Indy 500 to Le Mans to Formula 1 and back as some of our most popular guests and friends of the show uncorked 15 gems, all to make Episode 1000 a memorable one.

  1. ALLAN MCNISH: I Can’t See 
  2. CHRIS KNEIFEL: The Indy 500 Record Nobody Wants 
  3. JUSTIN BELL: An Orange Dodge Viper and the Missing Rene Arnoux 
  4. TONY DOWE: The 10 Year Contract 
  5. BOBBY RAHAL: Benching with Steve Jobs 
  6. RYAN EVERSLEY: Petit Party Legends 
  7. MARK BLUNDELL: Brundle Fly 
  8. DAVID BRABHAM: The Zombie Panoz 
  9. WAYNE TAYLOR: Coming To America 
  10. DANNY SULLIVAN: Blame Benetton For My IndyCar Career 
  11. JIM BUSBY: Pallets of Snakes 
  12. BRUCE CANEPA: Daytona Rookies with Rick Mears
  13. LYN ST JAMES: The Talladega Speed Demon 
  14. MCNISH: Nose to Kneecap
  15. KNEIFEL: Porsche 962 Knock Out 

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