It’s the final episode of The Week In IndyCar show for 2020, and we’re closing out the year-long dumpster fire with an awards show with categories and answers largely submitted by fans via Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

  1. The Golden Bowling Ball Award (driver who took out the most cars across 14 races):
  2. The Virtual Golden Bowling Ball Award (driver who caused the most mayhem in the IndyCar iRacing challenge):
  3. Favorite Broadcast Moment (TV or radio):
  4. Invisible Award (the driver who, more often than not, you forgot was in the race):
  5. Comeback Team or Driver of the Year:
  6. Best Livery:
  7. Favorite Sim Racing Comments (who said what that won’t soon be forgotten?):
  8. Best Pass:
  9. Most 2020 Thing of the 2020 Season:
  10. Best Race:
  11. Breakout IndyCar Driver of the Year:
  12. Breakout Road To Indy Driver of the Year:
  13. Favorite News item:
  14. Most Hated News Item:
  15. Biggest Disappointment of the Year (your pick–driver, team, race, etc.)
  16. The Juan Montoya ‘It Is What It Is’ Award (driver who, at the end of the day, used the most clichés in interviews):
  17. Person of the Year (driver who did the most to help others):
  18. Save of the Year:
  19. Favorite TWIIC Guest of 2020:
  20. Make Up Your Own Award (create as many as you want and name the winners):


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