McLaren Formula 1 boss Zak Browns returns to the Marshall Pruett Podcast to share his thoughts on the upcoming season, McLaren’s chances of returning to Victory Lane, the adjustment process of pairing Fernando Alonso with Stoffel Vandoorne, the arrival of Libery Media to the sport and subsequent loss of his friend Bernie Ecclestone, and whether F1’s financial payout system should be altered to benefit the smaller teams.

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1: Zak’s personal adjustment process as the new McLaren F1 leader (3:49)

2: How the McLaren F1 team is reacting to his influence and management style and whether the team could return to Victory Lane in 2017 (5:26)

3: Whether an individual like Brown can make a significant impact among hundreds of McLaren F1 employees (9:11)

4: Managing the expectations of a team, partners and drivers who want to see immediate results (11:40)

5: How Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne are coming together as new full-season teammates and how the relationship is different from Alonso and Jenson Button (14:05)

6: Thoughts on Liberty Media’s new role in F1 and some of the positives and negatives that come with moving away from Bernie Ecclestone as the series’ leader (16:05)

7: Views on the calls by some F1 teams to rework the financial payout system to create a more balanced distribution of income throughout the paddock (18:08)

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