Sports car champion and Le Mans winner Patrick Long is 12th in our series of 15 episodes of Who The Hell Are You? on the Marshall Pruett Podcast. Among the things you’ll learn from the only American factory Porsche driver, he needs help with music—a lot of help, appearing on Family Feud is an aspiration, and he has a fascination with shipping containers…

Long’s episode quote: “At one point I thought to myself: ‘this must be what it’s like to take a polygraph.’  MP was sitting across from me with a stonecold stare as I fumbled on some of my answers. Racing drivers are known to be pretty vanilla, and that’s a damn fair assessment. MP takes a brilliant swing and lets the listener in on a lot more than how the car ran or who the driver would like to thank! I walked out of the interview thinking ‘damn, I need to get out more!’”

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