Standing at the precipice of his final race, Scott Pruett visits the Marshall Pruett Podcast to discuss his life growing up in Northern California, his family’s heavy influence in the 50-year career he’s about to close, the extreme importance karting played in his development, getting his first shot as a pro in sports cars, the move to Jack Roush Racing that changed his world, the fierce—and sometimes fisticuff-laden–time in IMSA GTO and Trans-Am with Willy T. Ribbs, Paul Newman, and other legends of the era, and his one-off Formula 1 test with the Larrousse Calmels team in 1987.

Part 2, spanning his time in IMSA GTP and IndyCar, will be the subject of the next recording with the 57-year-old phenom, and more episodes will follow to capture his peerless career.

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