Got plenty of miles or kilometers to cover during the holidays? Here’s a blend of 10 Marshall Pruett Podcast episodes from 2018 that span IndyCar, sports cars, and the history of the sport to serve as your time-killing travel companion.

Listening Guide:

  1. The Day At Indy, May 22, with Ricardo Juncos (starts at 5m08s)
  2. 20th Anniversary of Allan McNish’s First Le Mans Win, 1998 with Porsche (1h21m29s)
  3. Hurley Haywood, My Racing Life and Career (2h03m53s)
  4. Sounds of 1995 CART IndyCar at Long Beach (3h34m51s)
  5. Stefan Johansson, My Racing Life and Career Part 2 (3h58m50s)
  6. 30th Anniversary of Jaguar’s 1988 Win at the 24 Hours of Daytona (4h50m48s)
  7. Dave Sims on the 50th Anniversary of Jim Clark’s Death (5h36m30s)
  8. Neel Jani on His Porsche 919 Evo Record Run at Spa (6h12m58s)
  9. Porsche 911 RSR In-Car Audio from VIR (6h55m03s)
  10. Bobby Unser on the Turbo Era at the Indy 500 (7h24m08s)

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