Stefan Johansson is half convinced the crazy adventures and obstacles he faced while trying to reach Sebring in 1984 inspired the popular 1987 movie ‘Planes, Trains, and Automobiles’ starring Steve Martin and John Candy.

Some 35 years ago, Johansson was doing his best to keep a shaky Formula 1 career from flaming out. Invited to race at the famed 12-hour endurance event in Florida in an aged Porsche 935 against cutting-edge IMSA GTP models from March, Lola, and Jaguar, a battle of eras was at play. Taking paying rides when offered, Johansson accepted the challenge in the Joest-built 935 arranged by Colombian gentleman racer Mauricio de Narvaez. Along with German pro Hans Heyer, the trio weren’t expected to do more than pad an obscene entry list loaded with sports cars.

Provided Heyer and Johansson made it to Sebring.


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