Episode 17 of Inside The Sports Car Paddock is an anthology of Jeff Braun’s first eight engineering and insider technical topics.

Ep 1, from January 30th (starts at 2m16s): Our debut episode opens Jeff breaking down the team’s incredible efforts to get their Nissan Onroak DPi to the finish line, the reasons why heavy rains made it impossible to continue racing, and whether the first red flag should have been the final red of the day. 

Ep 2, from February 4th (1h00m29s):  Jeff discusses the rules and management process involved with drive-time in IMSA.

Ep 3, from February 11th (1h25m46s): Jeff explains the thought process behind race strategy with IMSA’s yellow flag rules, and shares a tale about out-smarting the rulebook that led to changes made in his name.

Ep 4, from February 18th (1h55m40s): Jeff discusses the fine art of sports car damping by using the upcoming race at Sebring to explore the rules and needs for controlling the ride characteristics of sports cars on the bumpy road course.

Ep 5, from February 25th (2h28m56s): Jeff focuses on traction control and modern radio systems.

Ep 6, from March 4th (3h09m01s): Jeff who details the art of qualifying setups.

Ep 7, March 11th (3h30m29s): Jeff chronicles in-race Balance of Performance monitoring and adjustments.

Ep 8, March 18th (3h54m10s): To close Volume 1—the first eight episodes of tech features with Jeff Braun—we center on wet-weather chassis setups and strategies.

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