MP 546: How Roger Penske Changed The Indy 500, Ep 2, with Robin Miller

May Tue 14, 2019

Welcome to the feature series ‘How Roger Penske Changed The Indy 500,’ which celebrates the most successful entrant at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the 50th anniversary of his first which took place in 1969.

This 15-part series spans some of the greatest drivers, managers, mechanics, designers, and the man himself, Roger Penske, to document The Captain’s vast influence on America’s defining motor race, the Indy 500, and in many instances, the sport as a whole.

Our guest for the second episode is Robin Miller, whose very first Indy 500 as a cub reporter for the Indianapolis Star fell in 1969, giving the two titans of the sport a shared 50th anniversary.


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