It’s the 22nd installment of the Inside The Sports Car Paddock interview show and we have a special feature consisting of 10 conversations from last weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, captured by’s Graham Goodwin.


  1. Guy Smith and Steven Kane – on two different generations of Bentley racer, on the 2003 Le Mans winner, and the effort for the Bentley centenary at Spa 24 Hours (starts at 4m33s)
  2. Alexander Sims – On Formula E and his wish to continue as part of the BMW endurance lineup in GT racing (11m40s)
  3. Oliver Bryant – on racing his family-owned Roush Mustang Trans-Am (16m14s)
  4. Stefan Mucke – on working on his father’s Zakspped Capri and his prospects post-Ford GT (20m23s)
  5. Frank Biela – on running up the hill in the ex-IMSA Audi 90 Quattro (24m10s)
  6. Mike Conway – on Le Mans, IMSA and the WEC season to come, and the Hypercar test mule. (28m30s)
  7. Ant Davidson – on the coming WEC campaign and driving the 2009 Brawn F1 car (34m52s)
  8. Tom Kristensen – just being Tom Kristensen! (43m56s)
  9. Chris Reinke – on the new GT2 Audi R8 LMS GT2 and its place in the sport (50m07s)
  10. Eric van de Poele – going up the hill in an ex-DTM BMW E30 M3 – and his loathing of the driver ranking system (56m15s)


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