John Andretti’s visit to The Week In IndyCar show in January of 2018, not long after his colon cancer diagnosis was revealed, was my favorite episode back then and remains so today. After listening to the listener-driven interview after his loss on January 30, 2020, I wanted to take another shot at editing the episode to fix some technical glitches and to trim the show down to the best parts where John spoke on his amazing, multi-faceted career.

Please enjoy the warmth, talent, and humility that endeared Andretti to so many, starting with:

  • Update on his physical condition (starts at 6m19s)
  • Leading colon cancer awareness initiative (9m15s)
  • Toughest Indy 500 competitor and birthday story (11m44s)
  • Vehicle he always wanted to race but couldn’t (15m56s)
  • How his father Aldo would have fared as an Indy 500 driver (18m07s)
  • Favorite race car liveries he’s represented (20m31s)
  • 1990 Porsche IndyCar program and 1991 Jim Hall Lola-Chevy IndyCar effort (25m08s)
  • Dealing with cancer and future goals (38m50s)
  • #CheckIt4Andretti (46m29s)
  • Favorite Jim Hall stories (52m36s)
  • Favorite street car (59m43s)
  • Thoughts on Richard Petty (1h02m14s)
  • Driving for legendary team owners (1h06m53s)
  • Memories of following cousin Michael and Rick Mears during their 1991 Indy 500 duel (1h12m01s)
  • Trying his hand racing in the NHRA (1h14m26s)
  • Riley Children’s Hospital (1h23m48s)
  • Driving styles (1h35m00s)
  • Racing at the 1988 Bathurst 1000 (1h45m56s)


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