Former CART IndyCar Series and Formula 1 star Mark Blundell joins us for an entertaining episode of The Week In IndyCar show on the Marshall Pruett Podcast to answer questions from items submitted by fans via social media.

Episode Time Stamps:

  1. Show open and recent news
  2. Mark Blundell conversation (starts at 4m23s)
  3. Mark’s return to racing in the British Touring Car Championship (5m16s)
  4. Memories and differences between 1990s CART and F1 (8m44s)
  5. The Brundell Brothers–Mark Blundell and Martin Brundle (12m32s)
  6. Favorite tracks (16m47s)
  7. First F1 and CART tests (19m59s)
  8. How the Pacwest IndyCar deal brought him to America (24m05s)
  9. Motocross experience applied to open-wheel racing (28m16s)
  10. Rio 400 oval crash in 1996 (32m11s)
  11. Famous Portland 1997 CART win (41m34s)
  12. Memories of 1992 win for Peugeot at the 24 Hours of Le Mans (47m05s)
  13. Hiring Jimmy Bly to drive for his IndyCar team (55m25s)


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