It’s a new episode of The Week In IndyCar show, with questions submitted from fans via social media. Among the items covered:

“What are the chances of getting Kyle Larson as a teammate for Santino Ferrucci? Santino can help him repair his image and they’d tear up IndyCar. Stupid what Larson said and he should face consequences, but I believe in second chances. What say you Marshall?”

“I know a venue has to be financially feasible for IndyCar to race there. That said, with the cancellation of the Detroit GP, has there been any discussion of a race at Michigan International Speedway replacing Detroit for 2020? Is it even remotely feasible to speculate about? I noticed the official IndyCar Twitter account acknowledged that they saw the desire expressed by fans over the past week to return to MIS.”

“Marshall, can you think of any positives that might come from the delay of the IndyCar season. For #mepersonally it seems like there might be more of a willingness of the sanctioning bodies to work together to get races scheduled and ran and I’m sure once the IndyCar season starts nobody will be bitching about the aeroscreen anymore.”

“We all know every bodies house has its own ‘smell.’ As we know that Bourdais’ house most likely smells like French fries or French toast, and yours probably smells like hamburger and a hint of cats, what do you think some other IndyCar drivers houses smell is? I’m pretty sure Rossi’s smells like new carpet, because hes seems like the type of person to buy new carpet every year. And I think Conor Daly seems like it would smell like Doritos from all his sim racing time.”

Listener Q&A begins at the 4m17s mark in the episode.