It’s a new episode of The Week In IndyCar show, with questions submitted from fans via social media. Among the items covered:

“I’ve seen pictures of the Menards Lolas with their ‘hunchback’ engine covers, with an aesthetic anomaly caused by the height of their engines. These were Buick V6s, correct? Did the size of the Honda and Chevy engines have any impact on the aesthetics of the universal aerokits? Or was the engine packaging tight enough that designers had free reign? Are there any cars that you can think of that were weirdly and/or negatively impacted by their engine packaging?”

“I am liking the iRaces but can you speak about the business model behind it, are drivers actually contracted to their team to do this, is there even an ‘e-sports’ stipulation in their contract? freelancing? And how were the ratings this week, when the races were on YouTube again?”

“MP, if you were to replace the characters in the TV show The A-Team with Indy car drivers who would you pick for Face, Murdock, BA and Hannibal? #mepersonally I see Will Power as a great Murdock.”

Listener Q&A begins at the 11m17s mark in the episode.