It’s a new episode of The Week In IndyCar show, with questions submitted from fans via social media. Among the items covered:

“Ferrari is exploring joining IndyCar in 2022 when the new regulations kick in. What do you think this would look like? Do you see a scenario where they say, “we will join if we can build the exact displacement hybrid engine we want”? “We will join if we are allowed to develop our own chassis”. Etc.? Surely this would make some other European manufacturers take another look at IndyCar as well?”

“Hypothetically, if we only get a few races in and we can’t finish the season, will IndyCar crown a champion for the 2020 season? Or will the season be extended to include the 2021 season for a 2020-2021 championship?”

“Akin to what Porsche did with its 919 Evo at the Nurburgring and Spa, where they threw out the rule book and modified the car to go as fast as possible – what speeds could be achieved at IMS if an Indy Car team was able to modify a current Indy Car to go as fast as possible?

“To what degree are IndyCar teams allowed to repair and maintain their engines without getting Chevy or Honda technical staff involved or sending the unit back to the supplier for repair?”

Listener Q&A begins at the 12m00s mark in the episode.


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