McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown returns for The Week In IndyCar as the Arrow McLaren SP team readies itself for the June 6 season opener in Texas.

Episode Time Stamps For Select Topics:

  1. Takeaways one year later on McLaren Racing’s 2019 Indy 500 entry (starts at 1m27s)
  2. Thoughts on the adjusted IndyCar schedule and contingency planning amid COVID-19 (4m48s)
  3. Thoughts on Ferrari’s expression of interest in joining IndyCar (6m55s)
  4. Would a Formula 1-style budget cap be worth considering in IndyCar? (8m08s)
  5. Was Fernando Alonso an option for a third AMSP entry at Texas? (13m44s)
  6. Will AMSP look to run guest drivers in 2020? (15m21s)
  7. Zak’s vintage Indy car collection (20m06s)


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