Chip Ganassi Racing’s Scott Dixon returns for The Week In IndyCar show to answer listener questions as the five-time champion readies to go racing this weekend in Texas.

Episode Time Stamps For Select Topics:

  1. Thoughts on getting back to action, and moving the Indy 500 to August (starts at 4m29s)
  2. Working with the 35-lap tire stint limits and race strategy adjustments at Texas (11m39s)
  3. How close is Dixon to his pit crew away from the track? (13m36s)
  4. His wife Emma’s iRacing debut and her competitiveness (16m24s)
  5. With changing calendars, will he continue in IMSA with Wayne Taylor Racing? (22m37s)
  6. Memories of Nazareth 2001, his first IndyCar win (24m42s)
  7. Dixon’s fantasy Indy 500 front row (27m36s)
  8. Reflections on racing an Aston Martin at the Bathurst 12 Hours (30m21s)
  9. Memories of racing in the Formula Holden series and the impact of Kiwi legend Kenny Smith (38m32s)


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