It’s a packed new episode of The Week In IndyCar show following the first race of the year at Texas, with questions submitted from fans via social media.

Listener Q&A begins at the 25m10s mark in the episode.

Among the items covered:

“Will we see a change to the impound rules for the next race? It seems that three guys had their races ruined by the fact that the IndyCar implemented special rules.”

“How much we should put into Ed Carpenter’s comments after the race about Rinus VeeKay? Obviously, it wasn’t a great weekend for Rinus and wasn’t very pleased after what was a great run for him. How long do you think it will take for Rinus to build up Ed’s trust in him again?

“Has anyone researched whether the traction compound has ruined the Texas track for IndyCar for the long term, or whether it should be fine by next year? Would have been a really entertaining race if people could have passed, but it was brutal.”

“Following up on the discussion about the cancellation of Indy Lights for this year from last week, you mentioned that it looks like Indy Car was going to be putting pressure on IndyCar teams to get involved with Lights. Is your understanding that they are wanting them to field teams, and subsidize the cost for drivers to participate in the series, or simply field teams for paying drivers, like Andretti Autosport currently does? If the latter, how would that help the series with more entries, if the current demand for entries for paying drivers isn’t there already? All it would seem to do would shift from independent teams to Indy Car development teams and put the small teams out of business.”

“IndyCar drivers as Ninja Turtles: Who do you cast as each turtle? I’ll start by casting Hinch as Michelangelo.”


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