NTT IndyCar Series team owner Mike Shank returns to The Week In IndyCar show to answer listener questions that range from silly to serious. 

Episode Time Stamps For Select Topics:

  1. How has Meyer Shank Racing survived financially during COVID-19? (starts at 2m02s)
  2. When will AJ Allmendinger drive an MSR Indy car? (14m16s)
  3. Eating ‘Hardcore’ Jack Harvey’s baked goods (19m10s)
  4. Favorite SiriusXM channels (19m35s)
  5. More tales from failed 2012 IndyCar entry attempt (22m40s)
  6. Changes to doing B2B deals in a lockdown (27m06s)
  7. Should all Indy 500 entrants be given a pass in qualifying during a compromised year? (32m06s)
  8. Mike’s favorite Acura and Honda products (36m47s)


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