It’s The Week In IndyCar Listener Q&A show, driven by questions submitted by fans via social media.

A sampling of the items posed this week (Q&A begins at the 7m15s mark in the episode):

“We have a field of 33 entries for the 500. How close did Pippa, Oriol, Wilson, and Enerson actually come to making something happen this year? I assume all but Enerson had been in talks with Coyne for the seat that went to Davison?”

“I’m seeing a lot of sentiment from people wishing that the Indy 500 be canceled rather than run without fans in attendance. Could you speak to the hypothetical impact this would have on IndyCar? Because I feel like many fans lack the imagination or understanding to grasp the impact such a decision would have.”

“Why is there so much variance between car performance among teams. #Mepersonally thinks that if say a Penske car sets the pole, then the rest of the cars would always be within thousandths of a second, and always between all teams. But that doesn’t always happen. Is it fall off between driver talent? Car set-ups?”


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