It’s the second of a two-part World Wide Technology Raceway doubleheader wrap-up episode of the Week In IndyCar Listener Q&A show as we dive into a bunch of questions submitted via social media. 

A sampling of the items posed this week (Q&A begins at the 6m34s mark in the episode):

“Do we need to fear Pato being swept away by F1? Kid is showing amazing things and continues to impress. I listened to his radio most of the second race and his composure and maturity showed. There’s reasons why he’s P3 in the standings. Conversely Oliver is consistently in the bottom half of the race speed charts and has shown to struggle at tracks he doesn’t click with right away. Reminds me a bit of Verstappen and Albon in F1.”

“Marshall, with a new IndyCar chassis likely a couple years away, if you were put in charge of the task force to design the new car, what would your priorities be? Weight reduction, aero efficiency, driveability, etc.”

“I have tickets to Mid Ohio. Rumor is the race is happening in just over a week. Are my tickets going to work? What day should I be planning on showing up to the track with my camper? Should I be asking for time off work? Jay Frye says 80-90% When does the track tell the fans that they might want to plan on coming?”


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