It’s the first of a two-part episode of the Week In IndyCar Listener Q&A show as we dive into a bunch of questions submitted via social media. 

A sampling of the items posed this week (Q&A begins at the 3m11s mark in the episode):

“How successful do you feel the double-race format has been this season? Do you think more double-races than a normal season will be a thing next season and if so, will this mean a reduction in overall events or will the season go on beyond the Mid-September finish of recent years.”

“Hi MP. Technical question. I know downforce is measured in pounds, but when we hear a downforce number given for an Indy Car, is that at a particular “standard” speed, since there would be more or less downforce depending on how fast the car is traveling?”.

“If a driver only wins 8 races their entire career but they are all Indy 500 wins, are they a Hall of Famer?”


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