Peugeot’s factory LMP1 diesel program was a marvel of speed and engineering from the moment it was unveiled in 2007. Taking on Audi, the kings of Le Mans, with the twin-turbo V12-powered 908 HDi FAP, made for incredible memories as the French national team brought the fight to the German squad.

Although Peugeot’s turbodiesel LMP1 effort didn’t last long–the brand withdrew at the end of 2011–and its final product, the twin-turbo V8 908, was far from loved by its drivers, there are tales aplenty to share, and with the help of Sebastien Bourdais, Anthony Davidson, and Pedro Lamy, we can take a deep look inside the era and all the peaks and valleys that were produced.

From broken bones to shattering gearboxes to the miraculous finish on the 908’s 24-hour debut, our trio provides great detail on how the Peugeot LMP1 program was wilder than anyone imagined.


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