Meyer Shank Racing co-owner Mike Shank returns to The Week In IndyCar show to discuss the season to date with Jack Harvey, MSR’s new Acura DPi deal in IMSA, and more, all powered by questions submitted by fans via social media.

A sampling of the items posed this week:

“How much crossover is there between race day personnel between IMSA and IndyCar? I imagine many of the staff are tied to manufacturer alliances like tire techs, HPD engineers, but how about others? Truck drivers? Caterers? Logistics people?”

“Interested to know how you decided to grow the team the way you did (going from Indy only, to part-time to full-time)? What did the decision making look like on the business side of how and when to take the next step forward? And what are your goals for the future?”

“Mike- what Van Halen song best describes your fine pilot Jack Harvey? And number two, would Jack even know what song you’re talking about?”

“Michael, when I was a kid, I used to travel around to all the Central Division SCCA tracks and saw you drive a bunch of Atlantic races. I know you started racing before Atlantics though. What was your first race car and what are some of your favorite things about that time?”


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