It’s Part 1 of the Week In IndyCar Listener Q&A show as we dive into a bunch of questions submitted via social media. 

A sampling of the items posed this week:

“The new schedule to me is very lackluster. I feel like IndyCar should be expanding into new markets, similar to what the new NASCAR schedule is doing, instead they have a shrinking amount of ovals. Could IndyCar maybe purchase an Iowa or a Kentucky or a Chicagoland and invest in those tracks’ future? Or is this an ignorant thought?”

“What would you grade the replacement’s (Bourdais, Castroneves, and Hinch) performance this weekend? Do you think Helio and Hinch did well enough to earn a job next year?”

“It is not my place to tell teams what they should spend money on but with the hard date for new engines + KERS in 2023, wouldn’t that be the lowest cost time to switch to a new chassis instead of reworking the stock of existing chassis to fit the new engine package only to scrap them a few years later anyway?”

“Do long, smoky NHRA-style burnouts leaving the pits hurt tire life through the stint? When the the driver complains about the rears losing grip I think ‘should have taken better care the first 3 seconds you had ‘em.'”


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