It’s Part 1 of the Week In IndyCar Listener Q&A show as we dive into a bunch of questions submitted via social media. 

A sampling of the items posed this week:

“Do you have any more details on the Askew situation? Was Oliver’s contract a multi-year and he is being fired, or are they choosing to not resign him? Externally it is looking like Arrow or AMSP has some thin skin. Two drivers fired in two years for things they didn’t like. The whole thing seems like a mess.”

“Do you believe that there will be a third OEM in IndyCar for the 2023 season when the new engine/chassis specs hit the track?”

“MP, the announcement of Indy Lights returning next year was huge sigh of relief, and I really like the aspect of the top 3 championship finishers testing in IndyCar at the end of the year. This concept is definitely cool, but with the series current climate of more drivers than available seats, I don’t see a test doing much good moving many drivers up the ladder.”


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