It’s Part 1 of the Week In IndyCar Listener Q&A show using listener-driven questions submitted via social media. 

A sampling of the submissions:

“Do you think the PR regarding Honda’s decision to end its sponsorship of the ‘Fastest Seat In Sports’ IndyCar 2-seater program could have been handled better?”

“Interesting story about Jackie Heinricher looking to run an IndyCar team. For years, only two names have been mentioned when the prospect of a woman driver came up. Is the list still Simona and Pippa, or are there other women with relevant experience that could be in that seat?”

“What did they learn at the IMS test last week?  Is there hope for a more competitive Indy 500 in 2021? Do you think Helio’s behavior at Laguna Seca this past weekend will influence his chances at driving an Indy Car in 2021?”


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