It’s Part 2 of the Week In IndyCar Listener Q&A show, using listener-driven questions submitted via social media, with our new format of answering about an hour of prioritized submissions for those with limited time to listen before moving into overtime to handle the majority of the remaining questions.

A sampling of the submissions:

“MP, when you look at the overall health of the series(which feels like it is still upward trending) what is the one realistic step you think could be taken to help solidify its future? Possibly not realistic and it’s expensive but a series along the lines of the F1 Drive to Survive would be amazing for recruiting fans and raising awareness. Plus a win for sponsors due to the exposure.”

“Hey MP, what would be the most awesome car/driver combo you can think of? How about Senna in a non-winged sprinter? Rick Mears in a group B rally car? What ridiculously silly car could we stick Alex Rossi in that would befit his ennui?”

“Recently, it seems like more drivers shuffled out of F1 are considering IndyCar as an option. In the long-term, do you think this is a good thing for the series? Or is the influx of ex-F1 drivers keeping seats away from deserving Road to Indy drivers?”

“MP, I was watching the 2011 Indy 500 the other day and I completely forgot about the double file restarts! What were your thoughts on them and do you think IndyCar will ever bring that back?”


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