It’s Part 2 of the Week In IndyCar Listener Q&A show, using listener-driven questions submitted via social media, with our new format of answering about an hour of prioritized submissions for those with limited time to listen, before moving into overtime to handle the majority of the remaining questions.

A sampling of the submissions:

“How was it being back at Laguna Seca again?  Were there any insights you got while you were there?  Can you rate how the new Ganassi additions for 2021 look after a couple test days?”

“What does an offseason look like in IndyCar? I know in stick and ball sports there are workouts and training camps and blah blah blah, but how does an offseason translate in Motorsport?”

“Hey Marshall, I am going to college for motorsports engineering. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana home of the beautiful Indy 500. I want to become an IndyCar engineer or in one of the connecting series. Any advice for internships, connections, or experience I should look for?”


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