It’s Part 1 of the Week In IndyCar Listener Q&A show, using listener-driven questions submitted via social media, with our new format of answering about an hour of prioritized submissions for those with limited time to listen, before moving into overtime to handle the majority of the remaining questions.

A sampling of the submissions:

“After listening to last week’s podcast with W Series CEO Catherine Bond Muir, what impact do you think W Series has had on women drivers looking at the road to Indy? Do you think that a collaboration could lead to the W Series giving prize money towards a Lights drive would be a good thing?”

“Hi Marshall, how many of the 2021 entries do you think will be paid / paying for the privilege to be in those seats? It feels, unsurprisingly considering COVID, that there is even more expectation on driver sponsors than ever before, how hard do teams try to have their own in-house sponsors to be able to have a more open choice on drivers? Wouldn’t this be a better position for them?”

“You get one meal flown in, calorie-free, from any IndyCar track. It has to come from the at-track facilities, you don’t get to go up the street to the Mug and Bun. What food from what track?”


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