Robin Miller Memorial Charity Stickers


We’re continuing to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Robin’s name.

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With the loss of our friend Robin Miller on August 25, 2021, we’re left to remember and celebrate my reporting partner of more than 10 years in a manner that made him so incredibly happy over the final weeks of his life.

Robin wanted to use the ‘Get Well’ stickers we had made to raise funding for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and we ended up sending more than $12,000 their way. And with his passing, Robin’s incredible sister Diane wants to continue the charitable endeavor by making the new memorial stickers available.

I’m confident we can reach $25,000, and to get there, we’ll stick with the same plan: $20 for a pair of of the 4-inch-wide stickers, with the proceeds headed to the hospital in the form of ongoing donations as the orders come in. Think of it as helping St. Jude and getting two Robin stickers as a thank you. If you want 4 stickers, select 2 at checkout; if you want 6, select 3, and so on. Shipping is included in the price within North America via the USPS.

If you want to order and are outside the U.S. and Canada, send me an email through the contact page and we can figure out the shipping costs.

And if you’d also like to make a direct donation to St. Jude, here’s the link:

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