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We specialize in open-wheel and sports car racing, with IndyCar, IMSA, WEC, F1 on occasion, and plenty of vintage content served up on a regular basis. Three weekly shows anchor the podcast, with The Week In IndyCar and The Week In Sports Cars using listener questions to drive the conversation with our guests. Inside The Sports Car Paddock, a new interview show with drivers, engineers, and all manner of characters, completes the trio.

In-car audio and the ambient sounds of racing is another passion we like to share on the Racing Audio page, and then there’s Special Features, containing everything from the probing ‘Who The Hell Are You?’ series to ‘Remembering Dan Gurney,’ a three-hour compilation of memories from the Big Eagle’s closest friends and competitors. Looking through the rest of the menu items, My Racing Life and Career is our long-form retrospective show with more than 40 episodes recorded so far, and its counter, Catching Up With, is where shorter, more topic interviews take place.

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